Older than before.

So I turned 22 this month. Oddly enough, 21 is supposed to be the defining age but 21 felt very much like 20, and 20 felt very much like 19 and 19 felt identical to 18, there really wasn't a turning point then and I didnt understand what the whole fuss was about. Sadly, I do now. So turning 22 for me was basically my 21. 

Signs that I am older than I was before.
  1. There is a cleft between my teeth that food gets stuck in.
    I SWEAR, this was never there before this year. It deeply saddens me.
  2. I have now started work and have no life.
  3. I type serious emails at work and use as little of 'I' as possible because everyone else does it.
    (e.g. Seeking approval for blah. Appreciate assistance on this. Would like to blah.)
    I guess adding 'I' in front of things makes it personal? I HAVE NO IDEA, it befuddles me but I shall just go with the flow, my brain cannot comprehend at the moment but I am slowly getting used to it.
  4. I am aware of all my expenses and have started keeping track.
    LRT 4.60
    Lunch 15.00
    And have started saving up + give money to my parents.
  5. T.G.I.F actually means something to me.
  6. No time to watch series or catch up with friends.
I miss the times when things were simpler. But all in all, I am happy where I am today. I feel so lucky and so blessed and I believe that I have everything that I have ever wanted right here with me. So here's to 22. (: