#shesaidokay (part II)

Okay, so without further ado, this is the proposal, as experienced by me, through my perspective BAHAHAHA

First things first, I have to say I KNOW I LET SO MANY PEOPLE DOWN WITH MY NON CRYING during the proposal. To that I say, I AM SORRY BUT I CANNOT CONTROL MY EMOTIONS AND APPARENTLY I AM REALLY A ROBOT. No, REALLY. To be honest, I have watched so many proposal videos before and the girl almost ALWAYS cries from being too damned shocked and happy at the same time. So in my defense... please hear me out on why I didn't cry HAHAHAHA

The proposal didn't come as a shock to me

As I mentioned in part I, we have always had the 4 years plan so I knew that it may happen some time during the year but I didn't know when. Also, if you don't know my mr. karn, he is not the best at keeping things under wraps, especially not from me BAHAHAHAHHAA although he did do a very good job this time around! It all started the week before chinese new year, he started being veeeerry dodgy HAHAHA whenever i wanted to take his phone to look at photos, he'd quickly snatch his phone up and ask me what I wanted to look at and purposely help me click so that I could only look at that one thing before taking his phone back. AND whenever I walked close to him while he was supposedly doing work, he'd purposely click back to his desktop screen so that I couldn't see what he was working on. SAME WITH THE IPAD.

Wah lao. so secretive for what.

I know our anniversary coming up la, but since when he pre-plan so much...

So then I knew DUN DUN DUNNNN...

something is up! is he going to propose on our anniversaryyyyy? :O

I mean, IT MAKES SENSE. We did say 4 years and that would be the 4 years mark! right right? but then okay, must guai guai pretend not to know. COME ON, dont burst his bubble right! And anyway, what if I was wrong - although I rarely am wrong (BAHAHHA boasting boasting - but its true, i know my mr. karn)

To his credit, he actually started planning for the proposal 4 months in advance (what is with us and the number 4?) and started engaging all mah friendsss and familyyyyy TT AIYO SO SWEET, KAN? (I realize I use much more malaysian slang in my blogs but that's how I talk in my head now so no filter, okay. if the malaysian wants to come out, we let her out! :p)

So apparently he asked my parents for permission individually. This boy so smart, he knows I tend to sleep in on weekends HAHAHA cause on weekdays I always sleep early, so on Friday night's i go full on rebel-mode and stay up until cannot tahans then crash and wake up later on Saturdays. So he brought my mom out for breakfast and asked for her blessing. He then talked to my dad separately and got his OK too.


I don't think my parents are the easiest of people to talk to BAHAHAHHAHA especially since I am the baby of the family and they still think of me as the baby ALTHOUGH I AM A BIG GIRL NOW (not in size but in spirit and sheer aura of awesomeness that emanates from my very being) so he said he felt quite daunted and had to psych himself up for THE TALK.


wah, really not easy to be a guy leh.

First need to tell your own parents that "I WANT TO MARRY THAT GIRL" and then have to ask the girl's parents for permission (though I know some guys skip the permission seeking step). I don't know how I would fare as a guy AHAHHAHAHA maybe wait for the girl's parents to pressure me into marrying her then just OK LAH OK LAH I WILL MARRY HER SINCE YOU GUYS WANT ME IN YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH. MAKE YOU HAPPY LAH.


I would fail terribly as a guy.

Luckily I wounded up with a boy that loves me enough to muster up the courage to ask my parents for their blessing to ask me for my hand in marriage BAHAHAHHAHAH if I wounded up with myself in guy version, sure have to wait forever. So chicken shit. AHAHHAHAHAHA how did this post turn into a post about insulting my fictitious guy version self. SO SAD BAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Anyway, apparently he had lots of different ideas of how to propose to me. He really put a lot of thought into it and had the idea of surprising me with a trip to London and proposing to me at the steps of the hall I used to stay in, where he held hands with me at the staircase area and asked me to be his girlfriend (': to basically circle back to square one on how our relationship started. But since our anniversary is on the 10th of Feb which is like the 3rd day of CNY (if I am not mistaken), my parents told him that they would prefer to have us around for the celebration and they also did not know how I would feel if I missed out on CNY so in the end, he had to change his plans to something local instead which worked out for the better because MORE HANDS ON DECK! :D

I have to say our friends were amazing. like. AMAZING.

He created two group chats and broke the news - HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE!! and everyone got all excited and celebratory - yalah, all celebrate without me EMO and it was hilarious because they had to contain their excitement and not tell me anything for those few months HAHAHAHHAHAAH i can only imagine if I were in their shoes, i'd be like laughing inside, WHAT SHE DOESNT KNOW. NYEK NYEK NYEK so annoying.

So they helped him plan, he started scouting for places he thought had potential by googling and found this place RUMAH KEBUN at ULU LANGAT.

He then reached out to su ean, su ping and shon lee and they went to reckee the place - AT MIDNIGHT, on a WEEKDAY....

because he spends all weekend with me and did not want to seem suspicious. AIYO SO POOR THING THESE PEOPLE, all cause im a sticky girlfriend, had to go reckee the area after work at that odd hour TT I FEEL FOREVER GRATEFUL. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SACRIFICING YOUR SLEEP FOR MAKING IT SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND MEMORABLE PROPOSAL. YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST.


The boy had his vision and su ping made it come to life with some drawings hahaha like below:


He sourced all his material like the laterns & balls of lights online and bought lots and lots of candles from IKEA. when I say lots and lots, i really do mean LOTS and LOTS of candles hahahahahah His car had such a strong candle smell for daaaaays after our engagement because he moved the packed boxes up to his places in batches.

Anyway, sorry for the abrupt ending to this post but it is getting late, I will continue again in part III soon!! With more reasons backing up why I didn't cry *clearly I did not plan this post, i just type and type whatever comes to mind lol, sidetrack maximum, but I guess the story is slowly coming along!*

Till then, much love.


#shesaidokay (part I)


This happened.


Not that anyone still visits this page but I feel obliged to update for FUTURE ME (giving myself a pat on the back right now on behalf of my future self) to read back and reminisce HAHA! I really should have updated this much earlier given that we got engaged on 10th Feb 2016 - that's right! On our 4 years anniversary!

We've always talked about a 4 year plan - which meant dating for 4 years and then getting engaged to be married, so this did not come as a complete shock to me. Eh, pre-planning very important, okay! We have both always been very serious about our relationship, even as early on as 6 months into the relationship - CLEARLY, because after just a mere 2 months of dating the boy applied to work in Malaysia BAHAHAHAHAHA

Talk about moving too fast :p 
but it never felt that way

Heck, at the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend, we were both very logical about it. I told him i did not want to start something if it meant having to do long distance (we were graduating that year) and i do not believe in LDR working out, especially if we were only going to just begin dating, meaning haven't built a solid foundation before possibly needing to have a LDR (obviously this does not hold true for everyone, BUT I AM A STICKY GIRLFRIEND I ADMIT I ADMIT)

I also very honestly told him that long term I would probably want to settle in Malaysia so if that was a deal breaker for him, then we shouldn't even start because then it would just be harder down the line. The boy, bless his soul, was totally okay to try getting a job in Malaysia and settling down here because he said that

     a) his family would be OK for him to live abroad

     b) Malaysia is closer to Thailand than UK

And so our story began :)

EH SO SUPER UNROMANTIC AND LOGICAL - WHO ELSE STARTS THEIR RELATIONSHIP LIKE THIS?!?! But looking back at my history, seems like some of my friendships also start this way BAHAHAHAHA sidetrack a bit, but my friendship with su ean began at a sleepover. It was late into the night and we were talking about how everyone was pretty much buddied up and we both didnt have anyone that we were THAT close to, so then we made a decision to be there for each other and be each others buddy!! And from that day on, we started our conscious effort to chat daily, update each other on news and to date, she is one of my closest friends :)

Sometimes it is when your head is in the right place and you're thinking logically where you make the best decisions? :p 








Wah, supposed to blog about proposal but instead blog about back story. Good job brain, way to drag the story out.

OK IT IS 11PM, THIS SHALL BE PART I and hopefully I will be hardworking enough to update PART II soon. :D


The story of us

Time really does fly!

I can't believe the boy and I have been together for a whole of 4 years now! I feel so lucky and so grateful everyday that I have this boy in my life and I can't imagine life any other way.

Made a photobook for my favourite boy documenting our story. Its super basic because I'm not very artsy-fartsy (although I try and fail to be) hahahaha but it makes my heart warm.

The boy - reading the book HAHA look at that cute chubby face C:

See below for blurry view of the book.

Made online and printed by Photobook Malaysia :D


The boy - expert in defusing bombs

Transferring this piece from Dayre to my blog since I am now officially back to blogging!!

Yesterday the boy and I were running late for our movie. Somehow he was taking his own sweet time parking so I got annoyed lol

🙍: Stop wasting time! Why are you...

*he cuts me off by talking loudly over me*

👨: HARO!!! HARO HARO!!!!

*i start laughing*

👧: Whats that! Why suddenly haro haro!

👨: Cause you were going to scold me! So I quickly haro haro!


This boy. He really knows how to get out of trouble. How to scold when hes so cute!!!

He does this EVERY time.

He has this bad habit of being late. So he knows I am upset when I step out of the house.

This fella.. as soon as I open the car door, puts on his cute face that he knows I can't get mad at.

But I try to resist anyway.

🙍: You're late
👨: bb. *continues to make face*
🙍: You know I don't like it when you're late
👨: bb. Did you see my face?


Then I cannot tahans and will laugh and squeeze his cheeks. So adorbs and annoying at the same time.
This boy does not fight fair!
Or more like, this boy so smart, know how to defuse a fight 😂

Rekindling this old flame

To state that it has been awhile since my last blog entry would be an understatement haha. Clearly it has been years!!

Well, the good thing about have a wiiiide gap between blog entries is that now I can share my learnings these past years (imagine a wise old man, stroking his beard) with past me.

Dear Youngling – the gap between your teeth that you thought was a sign of you growing up was really just your wisdom tooth on your bottom jaw growing perpendicularly. As it had not touched your other teeth at that point yet, there was a gap where food kept getting stuck in that annoyed you endlessly… well, that is, until it grew further and actually starting pushing your other teeth that all started to hurt like hell because they were being pushed out of place in your gums.

You started to have dreams of your teeth falling out that was heck unpleasant and thanked God in the morning when you realized they were still firmly in place. Because of your fear of seeing dentists, you held in there and dealt with the pain, until one day you really couldn’t anymore that you went into an empty meeting room during working hours and called up a dentist to make an appointment to check your teeth out.

The x-ray scan of your jaw freaked you out when you saw both the wisdom tooth on your jaw growing 90 degrees to your other teeth – also when the dentist said that the root was wrapped around your nerve and that there was a 1% chance of your face going paralyzed if the extraction did not go smoothly.

You searched up the best wisdom tooth extraction dentist that you could find over the internet, that had RAVE reviews. RAVE REVIEWS! And booked an appointment. You were a nervous wreck. There was a very pretty nurse there who could tell how nervous you were and kept comforting you with words of encouragement throughout the horrible session. Even the dentist got nervous because you were nervous (IM SORRY, IM SO SORRY, BUT IT WAS HELLA SCARY) and he injected your gums many times with the good-ol’ numbing stuff just in case.

You expected it to feel like nothing, but you could feel how much pressure the dentist was applying to drill your tooth, and there was a very weird prickly sensation that you couldn’t decide if it was pain or not but it felt weird and you were afraid it meant something was wrong. Clearly the tingling prickly sensation WAS pain, but numbed down to such a subdued level it was just a little sensation – but nevertheless, being your FIRST TIME having a wisdom tooth extracted, with the words HALF YOUR FACE PARALYZED looming over your head, the whole ordeal was a nightmare.

The dentist later said (after successful extraction - with no credits to you because you were probably the lousiest, most difficult patient he ever had) that you should be administered under GA for your next extraction because it was too stressful for him, knowing how scared you were. WHOOPS.

Well, you have always been a worry wart. IM SORRY. IM SORRY. I SAID IM SORRY. BUT IT WAS HELLA SCARY OK!

Truth is, I tell you this story now and guess what – there is a gap forming on the right side of my jaw. The other wisdom tooth has come out to play. I really don’t want to go through that again but I know I will have no choice – but right now I am putting it off. I don’t know how long I can put it off for. Logic and sensibility is telling me to go extract it now but my fear and worry is telling me IT CAN WAIT FOREVER. And IT WILL STOP GROWING CAUSE MY TOOTH IS JUST SMART LIKE THAT. And CAN IT WAIT TILL AFTER CHINESE NEW YEAR and AFTER MY HOLIDAYS and WHY NOT JUST STOP GROWING IM SERIOUS. IT COULD HAPPEN RIGHT?!

So yes, I am putting it off for a month. I will extract this in March – I think. I pray it does not give me any trouble in the next month. PLEASE BODY, PLEASE BE SMART.

I’ve heard other people’s experiences about getting their wisdom tooth extracted but none quite as harrowing as mine – because apparently everyone else I know is much cooler than myself. HAHAHAHAHA they felt the prickly sensation, identified with it, and were like *shrug* while I was panicking in the seat with stupid thoughts running through my mind. THANK YOU BRAIN. THANK YOU.

Also, I have mixed thoughts about going under GA because there are also horror stories about body falling asleep but actually mind still awake and can still feel ALL THE PAIN? OMG WHAT THE FREAK! And stories about NOT BEING ABLE TO WAKE UP?

That’s way worse than going through the whole ordeal – so okay, okay. DEEEEEP breath. I will probably have to go through it again one more time, maybe with a different dentist because I don’t think the last one will take me anymore (shy) even though I thought he was brilliant. IM STILL SO SORRY BUT IT WAS HELLA SCARY. But for now, let’s just be happy and smile and pray at least I don’t have to go through it for another month or so, yes?

Anyway, what triggered this entry was me reading through old entries. I scroll through them once in awhile and it is always nice to reminisce old days, and read through them from the words of my younger self :) I guess I just want to continue on with this online journal so that I have something to read when I am older than I am now – to reflect on these days and my silliness/ wiseness (HA! Wiseness isn’t even a word) and remember how it felt living through these days and how happy my days are, ALTHOUGH SOMETIMES HELLA SCARY, but what is life without a bit of drama, eh?

And above all else, to love myself and remind myself that there is nothing to be ashamed of! HAHAHA One of the reasons I hold back from blogging – aside from being lazy – is that because I am working now, I am afraid of random colleagues stumbling across this blog (it really is not hard to find) and reading all the stupid thoughts that run through my mind.

I am not ashamed of myself, never have been, I am just thick skinned like that and I love my stupidity as much as my smartidity – KIDDING – I meant intelligence but I really wanted to rhyme. But I guess we all want to maintain some sort of professionalism, especially at work, and colleagues reading this may suddenly view me a little differently? I don’t know.

Well I have stumbled across colleague’s blogs before and had my fits full of laughter because I thought it was so adorable and my views didn’t really change. Then again, I can’t speak for the general population and we LIVE IN DAYS FULL OF PEOPLE READY TO LAY ON THEIR JUDGEMENT. So I don’t know. I dread having to one day make this blog private, because I don’t like the idea of making anything private – I AINT GOT NO NOTHING TO HIDE!! But I guess to protect worklife, one day, I may have to.

Also with my memory I am afraid of losing the password for this blog and NEVER BEING ABLE TO ACCESS AND READ MY PAST ENTRIES EVER AGAIN so there’s THAT risk of going private. Let’s see.

Till then.

My world is still pretty much filled with candy canes, rainbows and unicorns.

And I still love everyone VERY MUCH.


Older than before.

So I turned 22 this month. Oddly enough, 21 is supposed to be the defining age but 21 felt very much like 20, and 20 felt very much like 19 and 19 felt identical to 18, there really wasn't a turning point then and I didnt understand what the whole fuss was about. Sadly, I do now. So turning 22 for me was basically my 21. 

Signs that I am older than I was before.
  1. There is a cleft between my teeth that food gets stuck in.
    I SWEAR, this was never there before this year. It deeply saddens me.
  2. I have now started work and have no life.
  3. I type serious emails at work and use as little of 'I' as possible because everyone else does it.
    (e.g. Seeking approval for blah. Appreciate assistance on this. Would like to blah.)
    I guess adding 'I' in front of things makes it personal? I HAVE NO IDEA, it befuddles me but I shall just go with the flow, my brain cannot comprehend at the moment but I am slowly getting used to it.
  4. I am aware of all my expenses and have started keeping track.
    LRT 4.60
    Lunch 15.00
    And have started saving up + give money to my parents.
  5. T.G.I.F actually means something to me.
  6. No time to watch series or catch up with friends.
I miss the times when things were simpler. But all in all, I am happy where I am today. I feel so lucky and so blessed and I believe that I have everything that I have ever wanted right here with me. So here's to 22. (: